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We’re so happy to be a part of your journey to learn how to sing! Our studio is for singers wanting the highest level of private voice education for a life-long healthy voice. We seek motivated, respectful, and passionate students who will enhance our music community, and ultimately, take it upon themselves to create beautiful music for our world.

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Student expectations
  • Students are expected to come to lessons prepared with the following items:
    • 3-ring binder
    • pencil
    • paper
  • Students will be given weekly homework
  • Students are expected to learn at least one song per semester, and participate in recitals

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How much does it cost?
$45 / 30 minute lesson
Do you offer free or trial lessons?

No, the first lesson is used to assess the student's level and goals for growth.

What's included?

Personalized warmups, and a plan to complete your goals. Includes breathing for singers, intonation and resonance balancing, optimal speaking pitch and range, mouth/tongue positioning, basic music theory, sight-singing and ear-training, English and foreign-language diction, legato and line. Also includes audition preparation, stage presence coaching, microphone techniques, and no-cost performance opportunities.

What happens next?

Once your application is submitted, you should receive a notification of your admission decision within 24 to 48 hours.

What if I have still have questions?

Email me at