Trust your voice.

Build a solid foundation of technique to give you freedom on stage or in the studio. We offer one-on-one voice lessons, personalized warmups, and exercises to help you complete your goals.

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Sonia teaches bel canto technique, functional commericial technique, and specializes in pedagogically finding solutions to vocal faults. She believes in an emphasis on an efficient breath cycle, emotional connection to the music, and focus on tonal beauty.

Healthy singing
Learn how to use your voice for a life-time of healthy singing. Understand the mechanics of your instrument for your strongest sound. Learn how to use your breath to support endurance and longevity.
Building confidence
Watch your confidence soar as you sing with freedom and conquer your goals. Train with the sensation of singing from a new-found understanding.
Real-world experience
Get on stage with big chirp studio recitals in the Summer, Spring, and Winter. Experience singing for a crowd to build stage presence and confidence.
Get to know like-minded singers at our recitals for support. Join our social media pages to stay on top of cutting-edge vocal pedagogy, auditions, and performance opportunities in the singing world.

Amanda's story

After only 9 months of studying opera, Amanda is singing with power and confidence. Here is her story.

Why study bel canto? More stories

  • Rebecca
    Sonia has given me the skills I need to know how to support my voice in a safe and healthy way. I have started to experience a freedom on stage that I didn't know was possible. Being able to trust that what I want to sing is possible and my voice will do the work I need is such an amazing feeling. I am a more confident and healthier singer than I ever have been in all my 15 years of singing/taking lessons. Not only does she support me in my lessons, but Sonia makes the time to come to my performances and gigs! She is the most skilled and knowledgeable teacher I have had, after only half a year I can already feel the difference and have found a freedom and peace on stage!
  • Erin
    Sonia Nizny is fabulous! I have worked with her for about a year and am very satisfied with my results. She is so welcoming and does a wonderful job easing any nerves associated with taking lessons. I would recommend her to any person looking to work with someone who has a solid foundation and technique in teaching voice.
  • Jessica
    So thankful to have found such a talented voice instructor. Sonia is always on time, has never had to cancel a scheduled lesson, a talented singer herself and a wonderful teacher. I've been taking weekly lessons with her for 7 months to prepare for musical theater auditions and highly recommend her.

Frequently asked questions

What ages do you teach?

Ages 11 to 101! Adults beginner through advanced; children on a pre-professional track willing to work diligently towards their goals

What musical styles do you teach?

Pop, Jazz, Musical theater, Classical, Country, Opera, Rock, R&B, Soul, and Folk

Can you really teach me how to sing?

Anyone can learn to sing. Just like you use your legs to learn how to walk or run, or use your arms to teach yourself how to swing a bat, the vocal folds are a muscle. By understanding the anatomy and function of learning how to use your voice, you too, like anyone, can learn to be a singer!

What's included?

Personalized warmups, and a plan to complete your goals. Includes breathing for singers, intonation and resonance balancing, optimal speaking pitch and range, mouth/tongue positioning, basic music theory, sight-singing and ear-training, English and foreign-language diction, legato and line. Also includes audition preparation, stage presence coaching, microphone techniques, and no-cost performance opportunities.

How much does it cost?
$45 / 30 minute lesson
$80 / 60 minute lesson
Do you offer free or trial lessons?

No, the first lesson is used to assess the student's level and goals for growth.

Where is your studio located?

Edmond, OK

How do I schedule my first lesson?

Click the button below. Once I receive your form, I’ll email you to set up your first lesson.

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