Why study bel canto?

Studying bel canto will make your voice stronger, easier to move up and down the scale, and keep your voice healthy long-term. Bel Canto literally means “beautiful singing”. By seamlessly blending the registers (head, middle, chest) through unrestricted vocal function, the voice is able to not only grow in strength, but agility as well through exercises and repertoire. Bel Canto technique is recommended for all singers for healthy growth and freedom of singing. Even if your focus is musical theatre, pop, folk, country, jazz, or some types of rock, studying bel canto exercises will only help you create more sounds you can incorporate into your singing and keep you healthy!

Listen as Brad implements artistic and technical bel canto technique into his opera aria.

Listen as Rebecca uses the technique she learned in warm-ups to add color, movement, and depth to her jazz singing.