Amanda's story

After only 9 months of studying opera, Amanda is singing with power and confidence. Here is her story.

Why study bel canto?

Amanda P.

In my lessons at Big Chirp Studio, I have not only extended my vocal range and improved my technique, but I have also become far more confident as a singer! Sonia is very encouraging and professional, and her technical approach gives me something to fall back on when I become nervous. I find it easier to sing with the vocal exercises and stretches she has me do, and she is very good about finding new ways to explain concepts so I understand them better. In just a few months my voice has become dramatically more full and present; she knows what she's talking about, and is an excellent teacher! On top of all that, I have a lot of fun doing what I love - making music!

Austin, TX

Rebecca D.

Sonia has given me the skills I need to know how to support my voice in a safe and healthy way. I have started to experience a freedom on stage that I didn't know was possible. Being able to trust that what I want to sing is possible and my voice will do the work I need is such an amazing feeling. I am a more confident and healthier singer than I ever have been in all my 15 years of singing/taking lessons. Not only does she support me in my lessons, but Sonia makes the time to come to my performances and gigs! She is the most skilled and knowledgeable teacher I have had, after only half a year I can already feel the difference and have found a freedom and peace on stage!

Austin, TX

Susan C.

Sonia is an amazing teacher. Having had a break from singing for a while since moving to Texas, I was keen to get back to having lessons. Sonia's techniques and teaching are really inspiring. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and gained so much more confidence. Not only in singing techniques but in performance skills too and connecting with the audience. I am so pleased with my progress and its all down to having an excellent teacher! Highly recommend Sonia at Big Chirp Studios for singers of all levels!

Austin, TX

Avery's story

“If you're someone who wants to start singing...just go for it!” In less than 9 months, Avery is performing on stage with confidence. Here is his story.

Avery P.

Taking voice lessons with Sonia at big chirp studio has been one of the most rewarding things I have done! I came to her without any singing experience and no confidence in my voice. She did a great job of making me feel comfortable from the very first lesson, which is no small feat considering how scary it is to sing in front of someone as a beginner! Now, after about 8 months of lessons, my voice has improved more than I thought possible and my singing confidence has soared. I now firmly believe that anyone can learn how to sing. If you have ever wanted to be a singer, just jump right in and start working with Sonia!

Austin, TX

Jessica C.

So thankful to have found such a talented voice instructor. Sonia is always on time, has never had to cancel a scheduled lesson, a talented singer herself and a wonderful teacher. I've been taking weekly lessons with her for 7 months to prepare for musical theater auditions and highly recommend her.

Round Rock, TX

Jennifer C.

We’ve had an amazing experience with Big Chirp Studio! OK, so being the naturally biased parents that we are, we've always believed that our daughter could sing well. We had NO IDEA what working with a gifted professional like Sonia Nizny could do to develop her gift. We were floored at the difference in not only our daughter's voice, but in her stage presence, diction, and connection to the music in less than one year of lessons. We are beyond pleased with the instruction and guidance that Ms. Nizny provides to our daughter and highly recommend Big Chirp Studios for anyone considering voice lessons.

Austin, TX

Kelley's story

“Everybody can sing if they put their whole heart into it” In only 11 months, Kelley is singing with power. Here is her story.

Kelley B.

Sonia is the best music teacher!! she is very patient and every technique she teaches you will not only help you to improve your vocals but will also make singing much easier. she explains everything in a very simple manner and always wants whats best for her students. Every lesson is fun and I reccomend any singer no matter how old or young you are to give big chirp a try, you will love it.

Austin, TX

A. C.

Sonia is a wonderful voice teacher! She is patient and encouraging. After each one of my lessons, I feel more confident and inspired. She definitely has the knowledge and experience to take someone's voice to the next level. I know that if I do the work and follow her instruction, I can reach and even surpass my own voice goals. I am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish in the months and years to come!

Austin, TX

Jennie C.

Ms. Sonia really helped my son strengthen his vocal skills by working on breathing, posture and other basics for singing. He was diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction several months ago and she has worked with him extensively on exercises to help with that.

Austin, TX

Samantha's story

As an actress, Samantha uses her voice to add depth into each character she plays on-stage. Here is her story.

Samantha C.

I LOVE BIG CHIRP STUDIO!!! I knew practically nothing about singing and music when I began lessons a little over a year ago, and I have grown so much in my musical abilities and my confidence! Sonia is a highly skilled and patient teacher who has pushed me to accomplish things I never believed I could. Her endless encouragement and the family atmosphere and camaraderie she fosters among her students have infinitely brightened this past year for me! If you are at all considering learning to sing, I highly encourage it, and THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!

Austin, TX

Jonathan C.

Sonia is an incredibly professional teacher who goes above and beyond for every student. She is professional, committed, and her love of music is infectious. I’ve worked with Sonia and the Big Chirp Studio for three years and am looking forward to many more. You will not only learn how to sing, but will also develop a lifelong love and admiration for all music.

Austin, TX

Daniel W.

I recently have had the pleasure of working with Sonia and her students at their 2019 Spring Recital. Sonia is a wonderful teacher with passion and precision. Along with her students, she was very professional and very welcoming to be a part of their program. Her enthusiasm in her work is shown through the drive and talent of her students. This program is great for anyone looking to improve their singing, musicality, and stage presence at any level.

Austin, TX

Brad's story

After only two years of studying voice, Brad is having an awesome time impressing friends with his newfound talent. Here is his story.

Brad K.

Sonia has helped me to realize my dream of becoming a singer! I am 46 and had lots of experience with music but zero voice training. She took me in as a novice and had me singing a beautiful aria by Donizetti (Una Furtiva Lagrima) in about eight months. She is very demanding but instinctively knew what I was capable of and has pushed me to the limit in every lesson. Although I am interested in ultimately singing folk/blues/rock, she has steered me to train in the bel canto style/school/tradition, which is really just the most basic method of making beautiful sounds with the instrument of the vocal chords. Due to her academic background and training in vocal instruction and performance, she knows exactly what she is doing at all times and can tell what you are doing incorrectly simply by listening to the sounds that you are producing. She also teaches you to think deeply about the music and the lyrics to understand the emotions and context and backstory of the song and setting and character. I have learned to trust her judgment and instinct implicitly. A plus is that she has a delightful personality and sense of humor; I walk out of every session with a big smile and feeling of accomplishment.

Austin, TX

Kim C.

My daughter has been taking lessons at Big Chirp Studio for 2 years. Sonia is a patient and talented teacher. She has helped my daughter pick songs that she enjoys, yet also challenge her to push past her limits. I'm very pleased to see how her vocal abilities and confidence have grown. For anyone looking to progress as a singer in a safe and friendly environment, I would highly recommend Big Chirp Studio!

Austin, TX

Erin A.

Sonia is an incredible instructor! She makes you feel comfortable immediately and is very reassuring. Her technique is new to me but is easily understood with her explanations. I look forward to working more with her!

Austin, TX

Amanda G.

We love big chirp studio! My daughter sings all of the time so our whole household appreciates the vocal training that she is getting with Sonia. We've been impressed with the content of the lessons, the lovely recitals, the encouraging and engaging teaching that Sonia offers, and the professionalism with which she handles her business. Looking for a wonderful voice teacher? You've found her!

Austin, TX

Hilary Z.

Ms. Sonia owner of Big Chirp Studios is amazing! My daughter started lessons with her about 8 months ago and loves it! She has improved so much in a short time. Ms. Sonia is great with children and very energetic. My daughter looks forward to seeing her every week.

Austin, TX

Alicia C.

We have been thrilled with Sonia and Big Chirp Studio! She is very skilled, enthusiastic and pays close attention to what my child really needs. We have seen so much improvement in just a few months!

Austin, TX

Sean C.

Sonia is a terrific teacher! My daughter loves working with her, and she has grown and stretched a lot under Sonia's guidance. We are big fans of Big Chirp Studios and love having them in Austin!

Austin, TX

Melissa F.

My daughter has been taking lessons with Sonia at Big Chirp Studio for a little over a year and her voice has gone to a whole new level. She had never taken lessons before and Sonia has worked with her on practice exercises, technique, reading music and stage presence. Sonia works with students of all ages - would definitely recommend!

Austin, TX

Denise R.

Great option for our family--quality instruction, convenient, flexible, and affordable. Fun, just-right performance opportunities.

Austin, TX

Michaela H.

I've been taking lessons at Big chirp studio for 7 months now and let me tell you - I never sang before. Yes, of course. Something at the elementary school to pass exams, some lullabies for kids... But always very silently and without any audience. I assumed I was a very average/bad singer. Then I've met a singer from Big Chirp. She invited me to her recital, where I met Sonia. Girl, was I impressed! So, I've started my singing journey and honestly... At first it was a real struggle. But Sonia and the whole community were nothing but supportive. I started to feel less bad (good almost!) and more confident. Sonia is the most knowledgeable and patient teacher I've ever had! English is my second language, so I make many mistakes. She never made me feel bad about it. And even when I felt like I'm not improving, she never gave up on me. Explained, what's going on with my folds, why I need to stop listening and start singing. And if you are overthinker as I am, you need somebody, who really knows her thing. And be sure, that Sonia knows! And can help you with your singing, performing and being more confident. I must know. She showed me, that even I can do it! Now I believe that everybody can! Thank you Sonia, I am so honored to be your student!

Austin, TX

Marc K.

Sonia is an amazing vocal instructor. I approached her in order to build breathing and voicing techniques and was amazed at her ability to inspire confidence and love of singing. I can honestly say that I learned so much from Sonia. And, I can say that I love to sing. Thank you so much, Sonia!

Jerusalem, Israel

Larry L.

A friend referred me to Sonia for private singing lessons. Prior to going to Sonia, I was essentially "tone deaf" and fearful of the mic while karoking. Sonia worked hard to help me understand that I was not "tone deaf" but needed to train my vocal cords to match different notes. The lessons gave me the confidence to pick up the mic and sing a few songs without fear.

New York, NY

Aaron H.

I am so happy to have found Sonia. She was both professional and welcoming and after just my first lesson I already feel like I’m on my way to improving.

Austin, TX

Veronica C.

I have a great time working with Sonia. She always gives feedback and makes learning to sing fun.

Austin, TX

Colin H.

My wife had her initial lesson at Big Chirp as a birthday gift. She came home very happy, and excited to keep working on what she had learned! Sonia was a great teacher, and helped my wife feel comfortable during the lesson.

Austin, TX

Tara P.

My daughter loved her first lesson and is so excited to go back. I couldn't be happier!!

Austin, TX

Laura M.

Sonia was lovely to work with! She really helped me with my range and taught me some great vocal exercises I can do at home. She also was a big help in finding auditioning material which I usually struggle with. Will definitely be back for more lessons.

New York, NY

Charla H.

At 70 years old, I'm taking my first singing lessons and have a goal to have a house concert for friends. Sonia was so encouraging and helpful and made the lessons geared to my goals not someone else's. Bright, energetic and oh so c! I'm enjoying my voice more than ever!

Austin, TX

Rachel H.

Highly recommend this place and Ms. Sonia. She brought my shy, barely able to hear daughter out of her shell and taught her about more than just songs. She is highly trained in music and is so friendly and positive. Lessons for life.

Austin, TX

Michael H.

Sonia worked at our synagogue as our soloist and a teacher for a number of years. In both capacities, she taught music to both adults and children as part of her duties. She has a beautiful and well-trained voice, is easy to work with and brings a wonderful sense of joy and professionalism to everything she does. She brought a number of new musical arrangements to our congregation and managed to make the congregation sound beautiful singing together, even without musical accompaniment. She was always well-prepared, knowledgeable and patient when teaching music, whether to singers or to people who just liked to sing at services. If you want to improve your singing, Sonia is the perfect choice no matter your level of skill, from beginner to expert! And you'll love her too!

New York, NY

Bryn B.

Sonia Nizny is a talented, contagiously enthusiastic woman. Her voice is glorious and she brings a combination of beauty and sincerity to each piece that she sings. I am President of Temple Israel on Staten Island. I have known Sonia for many years. She is able to lead a congregation in song, teach teenagers and is able to work one-to-one with children. She takes her work very seriously and has a wide range of musical knowledge. She is able to teach vocal music as well as the music theory. Sonia is a professional, a wonderful person, and would be a welcome addition to any school, concert hall or religious institution.

New York, NY